A Number of Things

personalized home accents and gifts

We use vinyl and monogramming to personalize a number of things including:

* wooden blocks

* burlap totes

* wall plaques

* vintage windows

We also sell a variety of jewelry, antique tin, and an assortment of college pride items. We want your home to be a warm and beautiful place.

Come visit us in two locations: 
Downtown McKinney at 107 W. Louisiana
McKinney Trade Days every weekend before the 3rd Monday of the month

About A Number of Things

    I am wife to my best friend, mother to 4 super fun kids (Zeke -15, Eli-12, Selah-10, & Titus-8) that I homeschool, and owner of my dream business. Now, let me stop you here and say our day-to-day reality is NOT the idyllic idea you may have in your head.  There is a lot of yelling, really late nights, too much togetherness, big messes “no one” cleans because “no one” made, and on and on.  However, I try to find bits of awesome in every day and I am always grateful for this exact life God has given me.

    Around the store and at shows, you will not only meet my great friends that help me out, but also my fabulous family.  The quiet, bearded man is my husband who helps everywhere he can.  He usually can be found bringing me things I forget along with a Sonic Dr. Pepper.  My mom is the fun, red spikey-haired lady always by my side.  She is also my biggest helper in production.  My awesome dad runs our wood shop and builds just about anything we or our customers ask.  All my kids help out where they can, but my oldest boys travel with me, help work the register, and help in the woodshop.  We are truly a family business!

    After being public school teachers for many years, my husband came to a place where he was no longer able to work and I had to make a choice.  With the support of my friends and family and lots of help from my parents, I decided to quit teaching and transform my little side business into something that could be the sole financial support of our family. I have always loved making things that people take home and treasure for years to come.  I love that I am now able to do this for a living!

    My goal is to provide customers with a place to get exactly what they are looking for at a price they can afford.  I won’t sell anything I wouldn’t be able to buy myself.  I want to help everyone have pieces they love and be proud of their home.  I hope my family can continue to make treasured pieces for your family for many more years!

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